Colorful, GTA 1-Inspired Stealth/Action Game Tokyo 42 Dated With New Trailer

Tokyo 42, the game described as the “lovechild of Syndicate and Grand Theft Auto 1,” has a release date.

In a play on its name, a newly released Tokyo 42 trailer tries to showcase the game in just 4.2 seconds. You’ll likely need to pause it to fully take in everything that’s going on, but the brief glimpse is nonetheless a decent introduction to what certainly looks like an intriguing game.

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The trailer is punctuated with news regarding its release. The PC and Xbox One versions launch on May 31, while it’ll come to PS4 in “mid-July.” A price was not shared.

Tokyo 42 is an isometric, open-world stealth/action game set in a futuristic Tokyo. It stood out to us when we got a brief look at the game at GDC earlier this year, and its distinctive visual style continues to impress.

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